Ghidotti Giovanni

was born at Pizzighettone (CR) where he lives.

At the age of twenty, immobilized owing to an accident and stimulated by his passion for the mountains, he started to discover the natural beauty of wood, creating as autodidact carving works of different objects and bas-relief works.

In 1975 he attended a carving course at Grazzano Visconti (PC) Italy, where he improved his techniques and the use of gouges, useful in the exploitation of the grain of wood.

Maturing over the years, an inner serenity developed which induced a search for new emotions.

In 1995 he discovered another form of art, fully ecological and always applicable on wood, by using a natural form of energy "the heat".

By the use of a pyrograph, wood can be burnt to different extent thus creating various shades. His works of artistic content arise curiosity and interest because the technique is not well-known and the results are fascinating.

Giovanni Ghidotti takes part in many hobby exhibitions.